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IMPACT60 is currently offering 12 60 MINUTES for IMPACT™ managers' workshops.

These are one-hour management training programs for the front-line supervisors and managers to mid level managers. They will help your supervisors and managers develop the critical soft, conceptual and functional skills needed to be highly- effective managerial leaders in today's 21st century workplace environment. 12 Managers' Workshops are available now. An additional 36 are pending development.

Choose only the components that fit your needs and budget to build Your workshop.

  • The Facilitator's Guide and Program Instructions Manual

This is a turnkey document consisting of all the content needed by the instructor. By design, your own in-house resources, professional trainers, management or executive leadership personnel, subject matter experts, etc., may use it to conduct the training. Each instructor will need a manual.

  • An accompanying PowerPoint Slide Presentation

This is a deck of accompanying slides developed for each workshop. It is provided on Compact Disk (or CD). Although not required, each presentation is highly recommended and will enhance instructor's delivery. One CD per instructor is recommended.

  • A Supervisor's Coaching Guide

This guide is utilized by participants' direct supervisors or managers, or perhaps the instructor, to reinforce the training. Each guide is highly recommended but is not required. One guide per coach is recommended; although one for each participant coached is ideal.

  • The Participant's Workbook

This workbook is the comprehensive document that contains all the materials needed by the participant to learn and implement their training. Each participant must have his or her own Workbook.

Due to the highly interactive nature of the workshops, we strongly recommend that no more than 10 supervisors/managers participate in each workshop session. Moreover, multiple sessions should be conducted should there be a need to train more than 10 people.

Do you have 50 or more people to train in a given year? Mid-sized/large businesses, government entities and non-profits will find it more cost effective to lease our workshops. View our corporate training solutions.

Managers' Workshops


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