Effective Leadership Skills

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Each member of your managerial team were carefully selected because of their specific work experience, professional background and skill. Moreover, they are professionals who have reached high levels of achievement as a result of their leadership skills; and therefore, have been entrusted with the management of the organization and leadership of your employees. However, even the most experienced manager will have limitations and will benefit from training courses, programs or workshops designed to develop more effective leadership skills.

IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC provides you the most efficient and convenient way to help your managers develop effective leadership skills. Unlike other corporate training programs, these are on-site training workshops that are conducted in your facility in small group settings. Your managers will not need to spend several days at an off-site location or travel out of town. Each workshop session is 60 minutes in length, cover a different topic, and consist of both implementation and reinforcement tools. There are currently 12 topics available to choose from, and more than 30 additional topics being developed. Current effective leadership skills titles include Leading as a Manager, Setting Clear Expectations, Actively Managing Conflict, and Providing Performance Feedback.

When you take time to explore IMPACT60’s 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® training system in more detail, you will find you can either lease or purchase the workshops. If you have a large organization, you may find it more cost-effective to lease the workshops. However, if yours is a small organization, and you only have a need to train less than 50 managers, purchasing the workshops will be more cost-effective. These options make the sessions highly affordable for any organization.

Finding the right training to develop effective leadership skills can be a challenge, but not with IMAPCT60. Our 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops training platform is a faster, better and more cost-effective way to train. Moreover, for most companies, the convenient educational format, wide range of topics covered, and affordable pricing options available make these workshops the ideal option.

Keep in mind that IMPACT60 offers training workshops for your management, leadership, sales and customer service personnel. Browse all of our options online today and make any purchases there. Or contact a company representative for more information on leasing our workshops.


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