Management Coaching

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Providing the managerial staff in your organization with the coaching and training opportunities they need to be successful is critical to the success of the entire company. Managers serve highly important functions in your organization through their daily efforts, but there is always room for improvement. Through the right education and management coaching, you can provide your managerial team the  improved skills they need to be more effective. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC is the company to rely on for all of your management coaching and training needs.

There are various managerial coaching and training options available for you to put to use. Some may send your managers to another city for a multi-day seminar or training program, and others may require you to round up all of your employees for a lengthy coaching session on-site. And, while on-site solutions may be more cost-effective and help your staff to use their time most effectively; multi-day sessions may not be the best solution. They can take up an unnecessary amount of your managers' time and overwhelm them with more information than they can absorb at one time.

The IMPACT60 solution is its 60-minute workshops, and each workshop focuses on one skill in detail. You can rest assured that the topics you want them to focus on will be covered in-depth. The shorter length ensures that the information is more fully absorbed and easily understood. Some of the topics available in the management coaching series include Actively Managing Conflict, Helping Teams Manage Performance Problems, Essentials of Persuasive Presentations and others. Browse the IMPACT60 website to review all of the workshops available.

These workshops may be leased or purchased, and this provides you the opportunity to acquire our management coaching and training sessions according to your budgetary needs. Additionally, our workshops are highly focused, participant centric, immediately applicable, results based, and uniquely flexible.

The Managers’ Workshops from IMPACT60 provide you with the perfect way to promote the professional growth and development of your managers. These programs are just one of several educational series offered by IMPACT60. Visit our website to learn more about our 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops. Additionally, you may purchase our workshops through our online store. Finally, feel free to contact the company directly if you have any questions or want to learn more about our leasing program.


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