Managers' Workshops

60 MINUTES for IMPACT® Management Training Workshops

IMPACT60 is currently offering 12 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® Managers' Workshops. These are one-hour management training programs for the front-line supervisors and managers to mid level managers. They will help your supervisors and managers develop the critical soft, conceptual and functional skills needed to be highly-effective managerial leaders in today’s 21st century workplace environment. An additional 36 workshops are pending development.

The following workshop and learning objectives highlight what managers will learn in each Managers' Workshop currently offered:

Leading as a Manager

Leading Effective Teams

Setting Clear Expectations

Aligning Corporate and Work-Unit Objectives

Conducting Effective Team Meetings

Essentials of Persuasive Presentations

Helping Teams Analyze Performance Problems

Providing Performance Feedback

Actively Managing Conflict

Managing Your Team through Change

Essentials of Managing Remote Personnel

Managing a Socially Networked Workplace


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