Effective Leadership Skills

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Each member of your managerial team were carefully selected because of their specific work experience, professional background and skill. Moreover, they are professionals who have reached high levels of achievement as a result of their leadership skills; and therefore, have been entrusted with the management of the organization and leadership of your employees. However, even the most experienced manager will have limitations and will benefit from training courses, programs or workshops designed to develop more effective leadership skills. Read more ...

Leadership Development Program

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

All successful and profitable companies have one thing in common, and that is strong leadership at all levels of management. Managers and executives alike are responsible for steering the company by leading and guiding employees, and when their leadership skills are lacking or ineffective, the entire company can suffer. While there are different programs that can train your managers and leaders to be more effective in their positions, a leadership development program through IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC is one of the best options available. Read more ...

Leadership Development Training

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

In today's economy, with increased financial burdens on companies of all sizes, it has become increasingly important to improve efficiency and quality of work. This also places a heavier burden on managers and leaders in organizations to make the company into a well oiled machine. An increased level of leadership development training is often required. All corporate environments look for new ways to improve efficiency. Having effective leadership in place is where it starts. Strong leadership and management skills will fix a lot of problem within the workplace. Work ethic is increased when strong leadership is in place. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC has developed proven leadership development training programs to improve the learning, knowledge transfer and retention of information.Read more ...

Management Coaching

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Providing the managerial staff in your company with the coaching and training opportunities they need to be successful is critical to the success of the entire company. Managers serve highly important functions in your organization through their daily efforts, but there is always room for improvement. Through the right education and management coaching, you can provide your managerial team the  improved skills they need to be more effective. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC is the company to rely on for all of your management coaching and training needs. Read more ...

Sales Manager Training

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Sales can be highly lucrative, but those working in these positions often struggle through periods of high stress, feeling unmotivated and more. Sales manager training is important to help the managers of sales professionals meet the demands of their jobs which include ensuring that their sales team meets quotas and sales goals, are motivated and led, and provided the tools and guidance needed to be successful on a consistent basis. Ultimately, the success of sales teams and their managers will have a major impact on the overall success of the company, so finding a way to improve sales managers’ skills is imperative to all organizations’ success. Read more ...

Workplace Learning

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Some of the most highly successful and profitable businesses today can relate their success in part to their effort to continue the development of  their employees on a regular basis. However, it is common for many companies to send their upper management to various educational seminars and training programs, but overlook workplace learning for employees at lower levels. The fact is that the managers and executives may steer and guide the company, but those who work under them are responsible for driving sales, interacting with customers and performing other highly important tasks that ultimately affect the success of the organization. Read more ...

Leadership Training Programs

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

There are numerous leadership training programs that your team of managers and supervisors can sign up for. All are designed to help them improve their managerial or leadership skills. However, some programs are superior to others in different ways. When you invest in training programs for your company's managers, finding a program that will yield the best results is imperative. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC offers you a series of training programs designed to help your company's leaders take their skills to the next level. Read more ...

Workplace Training

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

The workplace training programs available from IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC are designed to help you refine and improve the individual skills of your most important asset: your people. From upper management to your sales team, administrative staff, customer service representatives and others, every employee will make an impact on the success of your company through their daily efforts on the job. Refining and improving the skills of key personnel (such as managers, executive leaders, sales and services personnel) with regular training sessions will promote corporate success and profitability. With a closer look at our innovative and highly effective training programs, you will determine that we provide you with the ideal way to take your key employees' skills to the next level. Read more ...


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