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IMPACT60 Learning Systems® workshop’s platform, features, and benefits.

IMPACT60 Learning Systems® is developing its 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops for each of four functional workplace disciplines including management, leadership, customer service and sales. The primary focus of our workshops is to teach the critical soft skills (people, interpersonal, communications, etc.) and conceptual skills (thinking, judgment, decision making, etc.) that are needed in today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding, knowledge-based economy. In addition, our workshops teach key traditional and emerging hard skills (operational functions, functional tasks, etc.) that are essential for coping with 21st century business challenges.

Our revolutionary 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops training platform differs from today's commonly used 20th century training platforms in a number of distinct ways:
  • Each workshop is one hour in duration and focuses on teaching one skill at a time—or one sub-set of a skill—depending on the subject matter.
  • All workshops are participant-centric. Although instructors guide participants through each workshop hour, the training method is less formal, openly interactive, and highly collaborative.
  • Our workshops contain application exercises, job aids, and coaching guides.
  • Each workshop may be taught independently as a stand-alone event. Alternatively, workshops may be combined in a series and taught over time as a long-term learning and development strategy.
  • All workshops can be delivered through either your own internal instructors or our highly capable instructors. Moreover, they may be utilized to conduct one-on-one and small group coaching.
  • Our workshops may be licensed or purchased. License them a la-carte or in sets for either a fixed annual fee. Receive a preset purchase volume discount by licensing workshops in sets and a large user discount when licensing workshops to train more than 100 people in a given year. Purchase them according to your training need, budget, and number of people needing training. Take advantage of new and/or existing customers' promotional offers.

The 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops training platform is the right mechanism to bring workplace learning and development fully into the 21st century and the most effective way to address the training demands of the knowledge-based economy. Moreover, our approach to training will help you minimize, if not eliminate, the negative impact of the seven (7) problems inherent in the 20th century training platforms that are still widely in use today.

Benefits gained by utilizing our 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshop
  • Our one-hour, one-skill format minimizes the time that your people are away from the job, greatly reduces—if not eliminates—the possibility of information overload, and allows you to use training in more flexible and cost-effective ways.
  • Our participant-centric training method ensures you higher levels of participant engagement during the training and improved utility and retention following training to generate more reliable training results.
  • Our application exercises and job aids aid your participants in the application of the training back on their jobs, thus improving usability, retention, and business impact.
  • Our coaching guides and evaluation tools allow your participants' direct supervisors/managers to reinforce the training and actively report on its impact back on the job. 
  • Finally, our flexible delivery system and radical pricing model affords you greater you greater alignment to your business needs and strategy while delivering better costs control.


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