Sales Manager Training

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Sales can be highly lucrative, but those working in these positions often struggle through periods of high stress, feeling unmotivated and more. Sales manager training is important to help the managers of sales professionals meet the demands of their jobs which include ensuring their sales team meets quotas and sales goals, are motivated and led, and provided the tools and guidance needed to be successful on a consistent basis. Ultimately, the success of sales teams and their managers will have a major impact on the overall success of the company, so finding a way to improve sales managers’ skills is imperative to all organizations’ success.

One of the best steps that you can take to ensure your entire sales team is successful and effective is to invest in developing the people skills of your sales managers. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC offers sales manager training workshops that are highly focused, immediately applicable, participant centric, results based, uniquely flexible, and radically priced. Moreover, our 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops training platform offer a unique training method that will benefit your sales managers, their teams, and your organization.

The IMPACT60 sales manager training method is not like other training approaches that require your managers to be away from the office for a full day or several days. Instead, each of our training programs is broken down into one-hour sessions which are focused on timely, relevant and useful topics. For example, these topics may include how to conduct an effective team meeting, how to lead an effective team, how to manage remote personnel, how to manage socially networked workplaces and other topics. The workshops can be leased as a series or individually, and they can also be purchased. This provides you with an incredible opportunity to control the training topics that are covered, the training schedule and even the overall cost of the education that your managers receive.

There are a number of true benefits to your company through our sales manager training. Your sales managers will enjoy our highly focused yet easily applicable trainings. You should take time to thoroughly review all of the options available. However, if your company is like most, you will find that these workshops from IMPACT60 provide you with relevant educational topics in an affordable and convenient format. You can easily place your order online today. Also, you can arrange for consultation from one of our highly-capable representatives. Your managers, their sales team, and other company personnel will see immediate and  positive change in your sales management core.


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