Workplace Learning

By: IMPACT60 Learning Systems®

Many of the most highly successful and profitable businesses today can relate their success in part to their effort to continue the development of  their employees on a regular basis. However, it is common for many companies to send their upper management to various educational seminars and training programs, but overlook workplace learning for employees at lower levels. The fact is that the managers and executives may steer and guide the company, but those who work under them are responsible for driving sales, interacting with customers and performing other highly important tasks that ultimately affect the success of the organization.

With this in mind, you can see how beneficial workplace learning can be for both small and large organizations alike. IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC is your best resource for fulfilling many of today’s critical workplace educational needs. Our company has developed highly effective training programs broken down into one-hour workplace learning workshops which cover one skill or topic in-depth at a time. The programs are designed to be completed at your own facility through small group training sessions held in your meeting rooms. The format is ideal for improving many of the soft, conceptual, and functional skills needed in today’s 21st century workplace.

IMPACT60’s 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops are categorized based on the job discipline they are built for and skills they focus on. Some programs are designed to be completed by managers or executives while others are suitable for sales or service personnel. All workplace learning programs cover skills development topics sorely needed in today’s workplace which requires all personnel to work interactively and collaboratively with others, and as well, independently to be highly productive.

Because each workshop covers one skill, you will have control over the topics you want to focus on. Some organizations will require employees to complete individual workshops as their way of addressing individual skill development needs while others will utilize our one-hour workshop in a series, and have their employees attend one workshop each week, bi-weekly or perhaps monthly. The driving factor is that our 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops training platform is easily applicable to the training schedule that is most conducive for your workplace environment.

IMPACT60 has created a wide range of programs to meet the needs of all organizations, and it offers these programs to you through leasing or purchasing options. If you have questions about the workshops, contact IMPACT60 by phone. Or, you may explore the training options online and place your order today for any number of workshops or the entire training series.


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