Workshop Samples

All workshops consists of four (4) components that, collectively make up each workshop's entire content.

Facilitator's Guide and Program Instructions Manuals

Turnkey resource consisting of all content needed by instructors to prepare for, deliver, and support the training.

Included in each manual are:

  • A cover letter explaining the 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® philosophy and approach
  • The background materials utilized to develop the workshop
  • The workshop objectives and learning objectives
  • A classroom setup guide
  • A sample registration response letter
  • Lists of participants' and coaches' resources
  • The workshop's flow, agenda and conduct guide
  • All applicable in-classroom and post-workshop support materials; e.g., handouts, exercise materials, job aids, and personal development planning and level-thee evaluation tools

PowerPoint Slide Presentations

PowerPoint deck of accompanying slides developed for each workshop.

Purposely kept small, the presentation is utilized to draw participants' attention to key learning points, at specific times, throughout the workshop.

Supervisor's Coaching Guides

Guides used to provide coaching support to participants following each training session.

Intentionally kept to a few pages, the guide provides the base-level tool needed to start a brief -- 15 to 20 minutes -- coaching conversation on the workshop. It can be utilized by each participant's direct supervisor or manager, or perhaps, the instructor. It helps to facilitate discussion on how the participant will implement (through his/her personal development plan) what he or she learned. It includes a level-three evaluation that supervisors/managers may complete, and provide to training, after observing how their direct reports are implementing the training. Ideally, coaching should take place within a day or two of training while the evaluation should occur five to seven days following training.

Participant's Workbooks

Comprehensive resource consisting of all the content needed by participants to fully participate in each workshop and implement the training.

Included in each workbook are:

  • A welcome letter explaining the 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® philosophy and approach. Also, an explanation on how to get the most out of each workshop
  • The workshop's purpose and learning objectives
  • The workshop's core concepts briefing, interactive/collaborative questions and answer discussion, application exercise, and action planning and closing activity
  • All applicable in-classroom support materials and post-workshop implementation/support materials; e.g., handouts, exercise materials, job aids, and a personal development planning tool. Also, a sample copy of the level-three evaluation
  • The background materials utilized to develop each workshop formatted as informational articles


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